Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye bye 2008...Hello 2009

The year of rat is coming to an end soon....well say hello to fellow cows!

How was my 2008....let's see:

1. I started a blog...unplanned...yeap. It was just this random day when i told my bb, "Eh b...i wanna share recipes with i need a blog." This is what bb answered "Oh ya blog? good good good...keep you occupied and i don't need to worry so much about you feeling bored during weekends while i;m working..." =.=....gee....ya...he's my bb...

2. I had the opportunity to work travel. I had an awesome working experience...tenkiu boss!!!

3. I lost weight...and gained...and lost and gained....a typical woman in vain!

Yea that's bb!!! Die die oso must cerita a bit about hu hu!!!

2008 was a tough year for us. Why? Bb had spent an enormous amount of time on work. "Bb what's for dinner tonight ar?" "Err....u think la...i busy at work now"=.=
"Bb...wanna go watch this movie on saturday?" "Err....i might need to work wor...we confirm on the night before k gg?"

See what i mean. Aside from work, he, is a truly honestly....bestest guy in the world! He remembers every little random things that i like, he's the one who always waves the white flag whenever we argue (hehe...though 99% i'm at fault), he's the one who wipes off the chocolate fudge on the corner of my mouth, he's the only one who gives me tender hugs and kisses....and most importantly, my knees go weak and my heart skips a beat each time he says "I love you gg" up till today.

So here's my 2009 resolution:

1. Learn the 'give and take' philosophy and lessen the quick temper behaviour towards bb

2. Stop forcing bb to say "gg u r fatter and eat lesser"....(i know...i'm that sot sot dei)

3. Learn to make xiu long pao for bb!

4. Stop eating junkies and start eating proper meals (....oh god...please help me....make me hate cookies and chips...)

5. Work smart....yeap...tackle the idiots!

6. Change my kiddo wardrobe to a 25 year old woman's wardrobe....i really need to do this...i've been super kiam siap on my clothes and have been wearing the same old boring clothes for the last 3 years....i can spend Rm20 for a tiny box of cookies and but i am very reluctant to spend RM20 for a decent piece of cloth...haiz....

7. My ultimate 2009 resolution is to be able to achive a fat salary and start a family of my own soon!!! Yippie yay yay yippie yippie yay!

What's urs?


Health Freak Mommy said...

Yes, go start a family right now haha! Happy new year to you Samantha!

dumb-baker said...

Hehe i wish my bf will say that to me now! why guys are slow huh!! Hehehe...thanks...happy new year to you too!!

JenJen's Place said...

uiks baker! Wanna start a family soon ah?? GOOD GOOD!! JIAYU!

dumb-baker said...

Not yet la's only my wish list for year 2009....dunno when it will actually come true!!

u~hee said...

He told me he is planning for the wedding of the century, should be any moment this year. Hahaha >_<

dumb-baker said...

Sure or not Liew?? He's like trying to avoid the topic whenever i brought it up wor....u 'tum' me happy only la rite....