Monday, July 28, 2008

Orange Butter Cake

Saturday was a super rushing day for me. I had to work from morning till late noon...rushed back and gotta take a quick shower before I took my parents and bb out for dinner. Wait a minute....oh no!!!! Cake??!??! I have not baked a cake on Friday!!! Gosh....

That's it...i have no time to bake everything from short cut way...ummm...yea...the Pillsburry Butter Cake Mix time hor, this cake mix is really delicious...but a little too sweet for my family though. The cake mix i have has its buttery flavor, however, plain butter cake for dad's birthday? uhh....too plain!!! SO i squeezed an orange to extract its juices and pulps to compliment the flavor of the cake. Quick and Easy!!

Ingredients :
  • 1 packet of Pillburry's Butter Cake Mix
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup butter (about 120g)
  • Juice + pulps of an orange + enough water to make 1 cup of orange juice
  • A handful of almond nibbles (optional)
Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a low speed mixer for 2 minutes. Pour batter into a lined baking pan and toss in some almond nibble on the surface of the cake batter. Bake the cake in preheated oven of 175 DC for 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the cake comes out clean

Verdict: Tangy Butter Cake!!!!!!! Pillsburry...never fail us :) MMmmmm Yummy

Bb's photography skill

Look how spongy and moist is the your saliva dripping now?

Daddy's Birthday :)

We finally settled for Shanghai Food in Avenue K on Saturday to celebrate daddy's birthday. Although food was simple, but i can see daddy enjoys every bits of the meal...know why? Cuz daughter belanja ma!!!! ekkeke...
Four of us had a great time savouring 12 plates of food....consisting noodles, dim sum, dessert and some snacks...we were so full and extremely satisfied:) The dinner cost me RM 96...pretty cheap ya? Considering the location of the restaurant...i think it's pretty cheap...good service too.
My little bro, now that you are far away from us, sorry that you missed the fun. Nvm...when i go visit you in December, we shall celebrate Christmas ya! Meanwhile, enjoy the pic :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Shake SHake lalala

Shake to Shape....oooh....Shake to Shape....oooohh

SOunds familiar?'s the Gintell ISO "shaking" machine....

Daddy had always wanted to buy a massaging chair but few years back, the deal wasn't the attractive...RM10k for a chair? Allelujah!!

Then, a month ago....daddy finally bought the massaging chair...know why? Coz I have not been sleeping well ever since i got transferred to another department in my office....thus, stiffed neck became my daily morning alarm. Aihz....So daddy and mommy, got worried....(actually i think daddy wanted to buy the chair long time ago liao...but no valid reason to spend so much money suddenly...and then...*light bulbs*....i became the reason....lame right .___.)

Anyway, the chair was delivered to my house last month....but daddy spent only 6k for it...anddddddddd.....the best part is....Gintell was doing this promotion 1 massaging chair, free Gintell ISO, free eye massager, free slimming belt....oh yes..FREE GINTELL ISO!!!!!!

Ok...enuf of the massaging chair story...the reason why i wrote this post is becauuuuuuse...I've GAINED WEIGHT....*sob sob*.....again...i wonder if it's because of the PMS thingie...u know...tummy get bloated...can't fit into my favourite ultra low levi's jeans...worst...the sight of 'spare tyre' whenever I'm in my tight fitting top....yikes!!! FAT SNAKE : If You Are Reading This, Can You Please Tell Me Why I Get Spare Tyre Every Time Of The Month????!?????

And so, I've Gained Weight....what did i do? I stopped eating...well not completely...i still take fruits and veges everyday....but damn...the sight of cookies and breads and pastries are always tempting me to just grab them and shove them into my mouth and munch munch munch...aih...Oh God...tell me WHY WOMEN MUST HAVE SPARE TYRE?????? ok...back to my diet...

Yes, i did consume some cookies...and the devil in me kept telling me...c' more piece won't make you fat...

One piece...followed by another...another....and i lost track of how many another i have gave in...

As i was sitting on the chair..drinking my cuppa of coffee and staring at the TV in front of me...suddenly I SAW IT! o kanasai!!! MY TUMMY....WHAT HAPPENED??!??! It BULGED like NOBODY'S BUSINESS...shit shit shit!!!!!!! I quickly ran up to my weighing my horror...+1.5KG!!!!!!!!! Oh SHit!!! Big time SHIT!!!!

*breathe*......and then...AHA!!! THE GINTELL TO THE RESCUE...kekeke! With my lightning speed, i turned on the machine and selected BODY PERFECTION PROGRAM....and it begins...shake shake 20 minutes....

After the shaking session, i looked down...wooo....FLAT...hahahaha!!!!!! yay!!! Yes....the machine miraculously shakes off my bulging tummy in just 20 minutes!!!!

I guess i found my new i still love you and you are still my best bb...muaacks! Hehe...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Farnee Morning

Tell me if this sound hilarious to you.

Me: Hello, good morning. Can I speak to Mr XXX please?
Ms. X : XXX dak raam aat eem (Ms. X answered me this in a super rude manner, loud and rude!!! with her Indian Slang)

I paused. Trying to figure out what she had just said. Nope. I don't understand at all.


Me: Ha?
Ms. X : XXX DAK ROOM BUAT EELM (in a super loud and angered voice)

I paused. Finally..."XXX DARK ROOM BUAT FILM"....that's what i understand.

Me: Okay. Who's this on the line?
Ms. X : I'm ZZZ
Me: Hi ZZZ. Why are you so angry? Why did you talk to me in such way? (in my best calm tone)
(Ms. X was shocked upon hearing what i asked)
Ms. X: (pretended) Ha??
Me: Why are you so angry? Why did you talk to me like this?
Ms. X: I'm sorry Mam....i don't know why i so angry....I'm sorry mam...

The conversation continued for the next 30 seconds with her being super helpful...damn two faced fella.

.__. *sweat*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Any Suggestion?????

Dear Visitors,

Daddy's birthday on Saturday. As a filial daughter (ahemm...perasan betul...okla...i'm a good daughter after all k??), I'm planning to take daddy, mommy and my BB for a dinner treat. Daddy prefers Chinese cuisine....but i prefer Chili's Restaurant...boohoo!!!!

Can anyone....suggest a good restaurant serving yummylicious Chinese food? Some places that i could think of is Dragon-I Restaurant and also another Chinese restaurant located in Avenue K, KL.

My baahjeert hor....not more than RM250 for 4 persons la.

Throw me some ideas ya!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Green Tea Pound Cake

I'm all excited when my senior told me that tomorrow(Saturday), she will not be in office as she needed to tend to something urgent. So, how did i spend my Saturday? Sleeping? Slouching on the couch? Munching on unhealthy food? C' you think I'm such person? well yea i am...keke..oppps...just half of the day.

Finally, the next half of the day, i got my saggy butt up from the couch and started meddling with my baking utensils. Ransacked my baking cupboard, ha...guess what i found? GREEN TEA POWDER!!! Wheeee!!! Plus i have half packet of cream cheese left...i remember reading a post from LCOM about green tea pound cake...and so, i tried.

Verdict: Soft!!!! Spongy!!!! Not too sweet...just nice!!! However, i doubled the quantity needed for green my cake tasted very green...very tea...hahaha....ok what am i talking. gotta try it to believe it! You know what i mean ;)


Sorry guys.. for the lack of updates.

Been doing this 'one man show' for a project in my company....had no time for myself, for my family, for food, for everything...sheeshhh!!

This morning, had an idiotic call from this A fella..."Hi Miss Samantha, please expedite bla bla bla bla...". Oh well, i didn't pay much attention to his nags....all i heard was expedite documents, confirmation date....and the rest of it, i regard his voice as birds chirpping...bad me...kekekeke

But hey....there's a reason why i named this post idiot.....because i'm an idiot. Seriously...why am i sacrificing so much for my company...knowing that i'm not appreciated afterall....HELLLO BOSSS...I"M NOT SUPERWOMAN K!!!

My family doesn't understand me...why do i need to be so hardworking...why can't i just slacken the whole working progress and let my company succumb to the critics by the clients......

So what do you think? Working 730am-730pm, MOn - Fri and 830am-5pm on Saturdays....without claims...without assistant...WITH ONLY PEANUT SALARY!

Anyone hiring a project engineer?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baked Apple Donut

Fat Snake : Wei Samantha, (I'm Samantha Wei btw...kekekeke) your blog is DEAD.
Me : Yala i know la...busy like a bee k......

Hehe...sorry chaps for the lack of updates...actually every weekend i will do my usual baking....but kept it really simple and less time consuming...BUUUUUtttttt........everytime when i want to take photos, the food is gone....haiz...

Did u guys know that donut are actually fried? Yea...they swim in a pool of Oil....and coated with sinful toppings....and make life miserable to dieters!!!!

But then...there's always a solution (winked!) Yeap....good news to donut addicts, if you are worrying a lot about the oil absorbed by the dough when fried, here's an alternative. An easy, yummy baked donut recipe without the mess!

Enjoy the recipe here and tell me you love them too!

p/s: I don't have a donut pan, thus i used the muffin pan:)