Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Constipation....ahh....my favourite topic.
Whenever i flipped through a magazine, somehow the C word will definitely caught my attention no matter how small the font is. See...that is how obsessed i am to know more about constipation.

When i was younger, i consulted a doctor for constipation treatment. As usual, he advised me to increase my fluid and fiber intake. However, some health magazines revealed that too much fiber intake will caused constipation too! due to the bulkiness of the ahem.....feces.

Just yesterday, as i was making my honey lemon drink, i realised that honey can actually help relieve the IBM (Irritable Bowel Movement). Yes...next time whenever you suffer from IBM, try this remedy:

For pregnant & elderly people:
Melt 6g of salt into warm water. Add 50g of honey and stir till dissolved. Take twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening).

For constipation due to heaty body & intestine inflammation :
Coat 10g of honey onto a piece of banana. Take it once a day (only 1 banana per day).

During the weekend, mom bought lotsa bananas from the morning market. Here's how i varied my intake of the bananas:

1.Kuih Kodok (mashed banana fritters)
Recipe courtesy of Lily Ng.

2. Banana Bread Roll
Flatten some wholemeal bread with a rolling pin. Place a banana on each flatten bread, sprinkle some cinnamon & icing sugar on the banana, roll and 'seal' the bread with the aid of a toothpick. Toast the banana bread roll for 4 minutes. Serve hot.

My weekend breakfast was truly a fiber rich 1...remember to drink heaps of water to aid the 'flushing' system of your body.

So what's your remedy of constipation?

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