Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (modified)

Last Christmas, i had a surprise from my aunt who resides in Los Angeles. She handed me a rectangular box nicely wrapped with a Christmas Gift Wrapping paper. After saying thank you to her, the inner child personality in me urged me to quickly unwrap the gift. After the tearing and shredding of the wrapping paper, aha! This was what greeted me and left me smiling the whole night! OMG! Thank you so much auntie!!!

Last Monday was a public holiday for KL and Selangor. However i woke up extra early that day and thinking, is not picking me up for at least the next 5 hrs...why not bake a batch of cookies and offer some to next door neighbor (felt guilty coz they gave us some homemade CNY goodies but i remained lazy and did not bake anything for anybody). After 2 hours of enjoying my breakfast, i started baking the cookies.

I wanted some chocolate and something oaty. Found this recipe from the book that my aunt gave me. It was easy and ingredients were kept simple: butter, brown sugar, sugar, eggs, flour, melted chocolate, rolled oats and chocolate chips.

I do not have any cooking chocolate, hence i used the cocoa powder instead and i also replaced the chocolate chips with chopped Hershey chocolates. I also added a packet of almond nibbles into the cookie dough. 12 minutes after dropping the teaspoon size cookie doughs on the baking tray, i had my first batch of freshly baked chocolate oatmeal cookies. After cooling them down, i popped one of the cookies into my mouth. My my was heavenly tasty. I'm sure my neighbors will luv it. True enough, the next day, my neighbor was commenting how tasty the cookies were and jokingly suggested that i can even sell a small container of the cookies for RM28 during CNY. Hmmm....probably that would be my side income for year 2010???? Oh well....if only i have the time.

I managed to get 4 full small tubs of chocolate oatmeal cookies that day. I gave a tub to my neighbor, a tub to my bb, a tub for my colleagues and a tub for myself and family.

Anyway, if you guys are interested, do check out the Amazon website for the recipe book. Meanwhile, i will try out a few more recipes and will randomly post some of the recipe which i think it's too good to just keep it to myself in this blog soon. So stay tune!!!


JenJen's Place said...

Baker, come come..we do business together, sell homemade cookies! hahaha..
By the way, how come dont have for me one?????

dumb-baker said...

Aiya Jen...i'm sure you can make better Momos than me! So should give me some! Kekekekke!
Okay problem! We can work this business fact i'm planning for it...:P

Health Freak Mommy said...

If you still have some more left, I'll drop by your house to taste some k? :D