Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY Goodies

Happy Chinese Moo Moo Year everybody! Did you guys have a yummylicious reunion dinner? An ultimate celebration on the 1st and 2nd day of new year? You guys sure did!

As for me, *sob sob*....I had watery porridge from Chor Yat till Chor Mm. How about that? It all started on the night of CNY eve. I felt a lump in my throat...but didn't give much thoughts to it. So after reunion dinner, i went over to my grandpa's house and continue munching on cookies. Half an hour later, my bb came and took me to his cousin's house to gamble. Heaty food + non stop yelling and shouting during gambling made me a sick dog for the next 5 days. I had throat infection, fever and voiceless.....! So lessons learnt, go slow on CNY cookies before the festive begins....don't greedily gobble down the food like me.

Anyway...sad stories finished....let's share what have i contributed for CNY. My fellow blogger friend, JenJen, has been writing a lot of CNY food posts. The minute i saw her homemade MOMO (melting moments), I just couldn't take it anymore. To the hell with my painful throat, i took out my 'ka chang' (ingredients & utensils) and start baking. You won't believe how easy it was to make the MOMOs. It took me slightly over an hour to make 2 containers of the MOMOs. And believed it or not, the MOMOs were gone in just a snap. It was so good and so addictive! Even better than those pineapple cookies! For avid fan of melt in mouth cookies, please click the link above...100% no regrets.

Next, please join to welcome the ultimate labour of pain but damn worth trying Horlick Layer cake. I've been longing to try out this recipe (courtesy of Jen Jen also) a year ago. However, lame excuses got in my way (weather too hot...will sweat a lot if i stand too long in front of the stove; i'm too fat now...maybe later;....bla bla bla bla) and so the day of making the layer cake postponed till this year's Chinese New Year. It wasn't hard to prepare...and it wasn't hard to make it's the long steaming process that is making me go cuckoo....Hahaha....but like Jen said, the 4-5 hours labour of pain will not fail you. It's yummy, moist, no words to describe. The cake smells like coffee, taste like Horlick on the first bite, coffee on the second bite and gone into your's so delicious that you just can't wait to dig in the next piece again and again.


JenJen's Place said...

WOW! You make the MOMO AND Horlick Layer Cake!! WAHHH!!!! I am so jealous! Am glad you like both though :) hehehe..

p.s. Let's seriously start homemade baking business for next festival :P

dumb-baker said...

Yes i made it!!!!! Aren't you proud of me sifu? kekeke

Hmm Jen...would love to meet you one day and would love to exchange some homemade cookies with you one day. Hahaha...and *cough* ahem *cough*...i'm salivating for the Momos u made...ahhahaha!

JenJen's Place said...

Baker, need I make the Momo lar. I am sure yours taste superb too since it is the same recipe, just different hand ^_^

Yar yar, would be nice to meet up one day :)