Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marble Cheese Chocolate Cake

I was confused. How am going I to name the product? Marble Cake? nope coz it contains cheese. Marble Cheese Cake? nope, coz it's not entirely a cheesecake per say. How about Marble Cheese Chocolate Cake? Ha! gotta be this because it's a chocolate cake base but with some cheese for the marble effect.

My cousin and cousin sis in law invited my family for CNY open house party on Chor Mm (30th January 2009). They were way too generous as they invited all of my other relatives as well and food was solely sponsored by them. I felt shy..because i was not only eating, but i was taking money (ang pows) from them too. So i offered to bake a Cheese Brownie for them initially. My plan turned sour as at the very last minute, when i checked my kitchen's cabinet, i had only about 20 grams of cocoa powder left!!! Mom was suggesting me to replace cocoa powder with Milo instead...=.=

Mom....Cocoa powder is unsweetened....and Milo is too 'milky' for my recipe. SO i ransacked my recipe books....hoping to find something with cheese and something that can utilize the 20grams of cocoa powder. Ha! Found it! Anges Chang's Baking Made Easy book!

Verdict: Oh one really gave me a comment...i did not eat a single slice of the cake because of my irritated throat...but i guess it was a good catch on that night because the cake was pretty much whacked by the entire Wei clan.

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