Monday, August 18, 2008

French Toast & Tong Sui for Dinner

Last week had not been a good week for me. Why? Cuz *cough cough cough * non stop. People say cough cough cough can firm up the muscles around ur tummy...but why mine still flabby 1? keke...anyway...cut the BS here.

One fine day, i just decided to have something sweet for dinner. Rang my mom up in the office and told her i want Lin Chee Kang (Lotus Seed Dessert) for dinner. Being the Kam Po LO (golden pineapple --> precious child) in the family (for the time being....since bro is away in the US), mom immediately took off from work and bought all the ingredients to make Lin Chee Kang...ngek ngek ngek...

To compliment my Lin Chee Kang, i made myself some French Toast. I topped my toast with chunks of Grape Jam and spread a generous amount of baked beans. With one big bite, mmmm.....yummy....So easy so good and messy-less.

  • 6 pieces of 9 days old bread (haha yea...i kept my bread in the it lasted that long)
  • 3 eggs
  • some milk
  • dashes of cinnamon powder

Method :

Heat up a non stick frying pan. Beat eggs, milk and cinnamon powder together in a bowl. Soak the bread in the egg mixture for 4 seconds...ensuring both sides of the bread are well coated. Lower the heat of the pan to medium level. Fry the bread on the pan till golden brown. If you prefer a buttery fragrant french toast, you may melt some better on the pan and fry the bread on them. I had mine oil-less, butter-less. Still yummy.

My freshly fried French Toast w/ mommy's yummylicious Lin Chee Kang...see the amount of Longan she added...woo hoo...dun be jealous....hahaha!

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