Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Last night, i read an article about life. There's a quote...."There's one birthday for each of us every year...and we celebrate it. But come to think about it, there's 364 unbirthday days...why didn't we celebrate it?"
Got you thinking ha?!??! hehehe...
Anyway, Daddy took us out for a craby dinner on Saturday and we had 3 plates of crab cooked in different style, a plateful of squid, a plateful of Vege, a plateful of Man Tau and a plateful of Fried Vermicelli (did i spell correctly?) with Lala. We left the restaurant sweaty and smelly....but with a HAPPY TUMMY@!!! Thanks daddy!!
To my lil bro, who again, missed this are some pictures for you to enjoy. Opps...too hungry to snap food pictures...end up only snapped the leftover shells from the crabs...kekekek


Anonymous said...

Apa macam sudah jadi wajah awak. Why look so alike like mom d? Younger version of her? Crab tak bagus...snow crab in the U.S more bagus.. Selamat hari jadi....sekian...!!


dumb-baker said...

Eh...ur sis bday is on 18th only u wish ha! What happened to my face???!??! Sudah gemuk ar????!?? Of coz look alike la...i'm always under her ketiak...muahahahhaha

Health Freak Mommy said...

Where got tummy. You look sooooo thin!