Monday, August 18, 2008

Vegetables Pau

I've been drooling over Sue's Char Siew Pau for ages! But i never get to try out her recipe until last weekend. Reason because I just can't seem to allocate some time to make Char Siew. Yeap....that's right....i wanted to make my own Char Siew...and then my very own Char Siew Pau...hehe...wait till one fine public holiday, i'll get my saggy butt up and make my own Char Siew Pau.

Well since i can't make my Char Siew for the time being, i decided to make my very own Choi Pau....kekeke...

Sorry for the ugly plaiting of the Pau...but's the taste that matters!!! I must say....Oh MY GOD....thanks for Sue's Recipe....the sooooooo soft!!!!! Mommy, Wifey and Girlfriends out there, THIS IS A MUST RECIPE IN YOUR COOKBOOK!!!

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