Thursday, July 24, 2008

Farnee Morning

Tell me if this sound hilarious to you.

Me: Hello, good morning. Can I speak to Mr XXX please?
Ms. X : XXX dak raam aat eem (Ms. X answered me this in a super rude manner, loud and rude!!! with her Indian Slang)

I paused. Trying to figure out what she had just said. Nope. I don't understand at all.


Me: Ha?
Ms. X : XXX DAK ROOM BUAT EELM (in a super loud and angered voice)

I paused. Finally..."XXX DARK ROOM BUAT FILM"....that's what i understand.

Me: Okay. Who's this on the line?
Ms. X : I'm ZZZ
Me: Hi ZZZ. Why are you so angry? Why did you talk to me in such way? (in my best calm tone)
(Ms. X was shocked upon hearing what i asked)
Ms. X: (pretended) Ha??
Me: Why are you so angry? Why did you talk to me like this?
Ms. X: I'm sorry Mam....i don't know why i so angry....I'm sorry mam...

The conversation continued for the next 30 seconds with her being super helpful...damn two faced fella.

.__. *sweat*


Gary Wong said...

Well done. Some people are like that. You ought to remind them for their own attitudes. Good move

peggy said...

If me, I'll just cut the phone and scold behind her...

dumb-baker said...

Gary : Have you ever encountered such unreasonable person? *shake head shake head*

Peg : I can't do that leh...coz my life is very miserable liao...later she curse me, my life will worsen!!!