Monday, July 28, 2008

Daddy's Birthday :)

We finally settled for Shanghai Food in Avenue K on Saturday to celebrate daddy's birthday. Although food was simple, but i can see daddy enjoys every bits of the meal...know why? Cuz daughter belanja ma!!!! ekkeke...
Four of us had a great time savouring 12 plates of food....consisting noodles, dim sum, dessert and some snacks...we were so full and extremely satisfied:) The dinner cost me RM 96...pretty cheap ya? Considering the location of the restaurant...i think it's pretty cheap...good service too.
My little bro, now that you are far away from us, sorry that you missed the fun. Nvm...when i go visit you in December, we shall celebrate Christmas ya! Meanwhile, enjoy the pic :)


peggy said...

U going to Penssylvania on Dec? I was planning to visit CS on Oct one, now seems no time. :(

dumb-baker said...

Peg, yuppie....bro's graduation in December. I'll be visiting CS in New York oso...IF MY BRO WILLING TO DRIVE ME THERE...hehehe