Monday, July 21, 2008

Green Tea Pound Cake

I'm all excited when my senior told me that tomorrow(Saturday), she will not be in office as she needed to tend to something urgent. So, how did i spend my Saturday? Sleeping? Slouching on the couch? Munching on unhealthy food? C' you think I'm such person? well yea i am...keke..oppps...just half of the day.

Finally, the next half of the day, i got my saggy butt up from the couch and started meddling with my baking utensils. Ransacked my baking cupboard, ha...guess what i found? GREEN TEA POWDER!!! Wheeee!!! Plus i have half packet of cream cheese left...i remember reading a post from LCOM about green tea pound cake...and so, i tried.

Verdict: Soft!!!! Spongy!!!! Not too sweet...just nice!!! However, i doubled the quantity needed for green my cake tasted very green...very tea...hahaha....ok what am i talking. gotta try it to believe it! You know what i mean ;)