Monday, September 8, 2008

Bento Craze In? ya?

Hi FOlks!!

To all avid mama/girlfriends/wives Internet surfers our there, bet you guys realised the bento craze is a hit right now! Yaya...i'm not exceptional! Been secretly surfing around for a cute bento box...or perhaps a sexy bento box (if there is) that i can make some bento lunch for my bb to bring to office. Haha...wondering if he'll get mad at me for making him embarrassed....a macho guy holding a lil bento box? haha...but hey, I'm pouring in all my efforts to make him a decent lunch...he can't be mad at me rite?

Anyway, snap off my rantings. Back to bento...actually just want to share with you guys...found this cute bento website...nope...i'm not promoting this website cuz i don't even know who is the owner...i just thought the bento boxes are cute and pretty cheap. I have eyed on the thermal insulated bento box and will blog about the purchase process after i have successfully purchased 1. For the time being.....visit HERE!!!!! fun fun!!

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