Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog Award

Wah seh! Never know i would actually receive an award from a fellow blogger....well...if u notice the side bar of my blog...scroll all the way down on the left...yea...number of visitors....a pathetic figure...haha...but anyway, success doesn't come overnight rite?

Thanks to Jen Jen for being such a thoughtful friend...although i don't really know the meaning of this award, but a million thanks and appreciation for remembering me :)
Aiya JenJen, I'm just an avid baker like you...keke...glad to know i actually inspired you to look out for more recipes to fellow friends will be laughing at me (ya they gasping now...what?? Samantha an inspiration?) Coz all the while I'm actually more like a 'clown' friend rather than a inspiring short in the loudest among my friends
Anyway...thanks a lot Jen!! Hugs and Kisses for you!!
Here it goes....and i shall pass on the award to :
TheCookingMomster who is my dearest cousin and also a great cook
Jessie who is my bestest bestest and ter-best friend in my life
Gimmy joker handsome cousin
HealthFreakMommy.....oooh..i learn a lot of parenting stuff from this hot mama

Till then....adios & Have a great day everyone!!


Health Freak Mommy said...

Thanks very much for this award! I love fatt koe too, esp pumpkin fatt koe and sweet potato fatt koe.

Jessie said...


u r my bestest bestie also..

keep it up!.. bake more good stuff.. =)

Jen's Place said...

Oooi! Is true lar, u r my inspiration. Look at the mee suah fried kueh!

dumb-baker said...

HFM, are welcome:) Pumpkin fatt koe...hmmm..mut try making it one day..

Jess girl,
So sweet of you :P

Wah...dun praise me anymore la...i'm flying up high...ruptured the ceiling liao..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mana pigi gua punya award...? Dapat award ada wang punya ka?


dumb-baker said...

Obama...tarak money la...just for fun....:P