Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Min Xin' Kueh

Aunty C : What is this? Looks like fried kueh with pork oil....
Me : *slaps head* NOla aunty....it's kueh made by mee suah
Aunty C : Ha? Sure boh????
Me : Yala...bluff u for what? Got Gold ar?
Aunty C : Eh...quite nice la!

Looks like 'chee yau kou' (pork oil kueh) meh??

Hey hey everybody? How was Merdeka Day? Got the patriotic semangat or not? As for me, usual lor...just another manic Sunday...wish it were Saturday..ok ok...ter-into a classic song pulak. Anyway, Saturday night, after our kai kai adventure at Sunway Pyramid, i defrosted some minced pork and a small packet of shelled prawns on the wet kitchen's counter. After watching a DVD with bb, off i went to the wet kitchen and chop chop chop a whole bulb of garlic and also minced the prawn. Then heat up a non stick pan with a drizzle of oil...dump in the garlic and fry till fragrant. Slowly add in the minced pork and prawn and stir fry till cooked. Then add in some water seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper to the meat mixture and let it simmer for a minute. Add in mee suah and stir thoroughly till the mixture appear soggy. Turn off the heat. Transfer the mee suah mixture into a lightly oiled pan and let it cool overnight.

The next day, cut the cooled mee suah into cubes/oblong/round/whatever shapes you want. Dip the cut mee suah into a beaten egg mixture and pan fry each of them till golden brown. Absorb the excess oil with a kitchen's towel and garnish the mee suah kueh with some spring onion (i ran out of them...oppps) Serve hot with your favorite sauce!!!

Ingredients :

  • 50g of minced pork
  • 50g of minced prawn
  • 1 whole bulb of garlic
  • 2 bowls of water
  • 8 pieces of mee suah
  • some sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper for seasoning


Jen's Place said...

WAHH sounds interesting!!!! got pic or not???

dumb-baker said...

Yes Jen....hehe...but yet to load them into my laptop...kekeke...maybe tonight i'll load them :) stay tune!!

Anonymous said...

Jangan cuba nak copy paste picture from google image dan post di sini...!!

Ryan Giggs

dumb-baker said...

It's truly the kueh i made and i took the picture myself la...not copy paste? looks nice meh?? kekeke...r u trying to praise me but in a sacarstic way...my lil bro?