Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Moist-Wet-Lembap Carrot Pineapple Cake

"Eat more carrots....then you no need wear glasses anymore....wear glasses no pretty ooo u know..."

Sounds familiar? Haha...yeap carrots are rich in Vitamin A, certainly keeps the ugly specs at bay. For more info, do drop by this website to learn about the goodness in carrots.

Anyway, i saw this yummy carrot cake photo and i drooled over the photo. I told myself "Sam....you must buy carrots tonight...rain or shine....GET THE CARROTS AND WHIP UP THE CAKE"

The cake turned out moist...i mean very superly moist. I guess the main culprit is the pineapple...i used fresh pineapples instead of the canned type...probably the pineapple was overly juicy? Hence the moistness of the cake! As the owner of the recipe said, without the pineapple, the cake would be perfect.

But if you're like me, luv moist cakes....DO NOT EXCLUDE THE PINEAPPLE!!! Happy trying!!!

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