Monday, November 3, 2008

A Step Towards A Healthier Me

Hello everybody! Miss me? I know you do....bah! okay probably not.

Has anybody notice the weather in our beloved country is becoming in when it rains, it rains non stop and elderly people will be cursing away when their rheumatism relapse...but now, seems like we'll be having suffering draught season soon. It's soooo hot and people around me, one by one is getting K.O. Fever...sore throat...itchy nose...etc etc bb and my mom were not spared either! Gosh...better make sure i keep myself hydrated with at least 2.5 litres of water a day.

I used to have this 'fever' attack once every month...and it'll last for a week. I always appear fatigue and pale. Mom was worried sick and she bought some food supplement from E-Excel for me. Cost about RM700+ for 2 months. Pretty expensive ya? But let me tell's a miracle! I took this over a 4 months period and my health was much appetite improved and i regained the 'color' on my face! Right now, i'm consuming this lil packet of drink first thing in the's yummy and full of nutrients. Fills you up too...for at least 2 hrs :)

Oh ya folks...before i sign off, let me make it clear that i'm not doing any advertisment for E-Excel...just wanna share my new found remedy to a healthier lifestyle:) Adiosss...........!!!

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