Monday, November 10, 2008

Soba-alike Attempt

My bb always commented, why am i always buying cheap stuff (Pasar Malam clothes, Pasar Malam Food, Store brand products...etc)?
My reply is always ALWAYS always : Because I'm cheap.
Haha....each month, i allocate only RM 50 for breakfast and lunch. Save the rest of my salary in the bank. And no, don't even think that i have a fat account as i am only getting a peanut salary.
My bb thinks I'm insane...coz you know, RM50? What? What can u buy with RM50 per month for breakfast and lunch? BREAD. So that probably causes me to constipate so often...but what to do? I'm just a bread lover. Aiya...suddenly I'm digressing again.
So back to cheap...that day as i was perusing through the racks of Japanese products in Jucso, Tada...found this cheap bottle of sauce (for Soba i think)selling for only RM9.90! Let me tell u....when it comes to Japanese food, i can eat like barbarian. Freshly cut sashimi, hand rolls, soba, teriyaki......oh my god...enough...

I attempted a Soba-like dish on one fine morning. It was decent. Decent as in, the quality = amount you paid. Haha...oh well, it wasn't too bad, it's still soba, sauce was okay but incomparable to those served in the Japanese restaurants. But IT'S STILL for those who wants to have a cheap Japanese soba meal at home, try this:)
Blanch soba noodles in a pot of hot water till soft. Transfer the soften noodles into a pot of cold water before transferring them into a serving plate/bowl. Top the noodles with toasted sesame and shredded seaweed. Pour an adequate amount of sauce into a clean bowl and serve together with the soba noodle.

Question : Is soba noodle sauce = tempura sauce?


Anonymous said...

Soba guna sayur kertas punya la.... not the usual vege tat u get from wet market... tak tau nikmati punya...


dumb-baker said...

Eh like that oso u noticed ka...hehe..i ran out of seaweed okay...not tak tau obama bising sangat

Anonymous said...

Soba punya sauce masin masin dan sekali minum feeling high high punya... I used to have a couple of sips almost everyday to shock sendiri because the taste is totally irresistable...


dumb-baker said... crazy lil bro. Dun take masin stuff too much...otherwise ur ahem...konco konco yg bakal berenang ke ruang betina will lessen!!!!