Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My First Bento Breakfast

Me : Miiii, how come you never make any bento meals for me to bring to school when i was young ar? Those days the bento boxes are available already ma......why ar why ar (bugged my mom non stop with 'why ar why ar' question)
Mom : *face red, fuming mad, staring at me* Enough of why ar or not?!!??!
Me : *shaddup immediately and managed to giggle a bit* He he he!
Mom : You think i so free ar? I have to make breakfast for you and fei chai, then have to clean up both of you and have to clean the dining table and kitchen area...you think i still got time to cut your bread and insert the foodpick one by one ar? Do you know how horrendous you and fei chai could be? Both of you were so mischievous....
Me : *immediately* Well that's not me mom....it's fei chai ok...not me...remember....it's fei chai ok ok ??
Mom : *continues her grandma story* Bla bla bla bla bla @&UI&*&^G&&*UO%$#^
Me: Okay mom...nevermind...just want to show you i made my first bento meal!!!! Ta daaa!!!!
Remember my post about this website that sells all sorts of bento boxes, cutters, food picks etc??? Well, i bought two Bento Boxes (one with Thermal Insulated bag), a pack of food picks and a Bento Box strap about a month ago. Initially i bought only the thermal insulated Bento Box so that i can prepare food for my bb to bring to work....but afraid it may look too 'soft' for him. So i emailed the seller and asked if she could help me find an all black Bento Box...black looks macho ma! Yeap!!!!! She found it for me....super duper thanks for the efficient service!!! As for the food picks, it was initially sold out, but i wanted to buy it so badly and asked the seller if she could restock it for me (because all the items are very limited in quantities), she gladly said yes!! Oh my god...double happiness for me!!!! NOw i have those cute cute food picks to hold the food together.

Verdict : My bb did not comment much on the bento breakfast i made for him...but he gladly chomped down all the food which i prepared...(what is it with man's ego + cute stuff?? luckily i'm cute enuf for my bb to have him chomp down the food...muahahahaha...bet u guys feeling sick now :P)

As for the Thermal Insulated Bento Box...bet you guys are waiting for this verdict....Yes!!!!! It DOES KEEP YOUR FOOD WARM!!! I baked this banana cake bread and cut a portion of the freshly baked bread for bb, the bread stayed warm for the next 4 hours...amazing isn't it???? Oooo...i'm so in love with the box now...
Anyway...let the pictures do the talking!
Presenting the Thermal Insulated Box......

Presenting Bb's Black Box......


JenJen's Place said...

WAH!! Still girlish lar the black bento box because of the strawberry tie:P But good for you ler bcos ur bb want to bring bento to work. I ask my babe if he want to pack lunch to work since things expensive mar now. He outright say no...man..

dumb-baker said...

Haha yalor...that's why first sight at the bento box, he's like...yer *shrugs shoulder*...=.="

yala hor...see...because of man and ego...we are burning a hole in our pockets for food..hahaha!