Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Aiyer...why liddat 1???

Yesterday someone cursed me. I'm positive. I don't know who but i know SOMEONE cursed me. *roll eyes*

As usual, after work i went straight home and ready to bake my first chiffon cake. Everything was in order and everything looks good! SO, after putting my chiffon cake batter into the oven, i cleaned the counter top...messy messy with all the flour and juice..

And then i picked up my recipe book to place it back to the cabinet. Somehow, i just need to re-read everything again in the recipe...ingredients and method. For your information, i was making an orange chiffon cake.

As i read, to my horror, i am supposed to substitute 5 tbsp of water to 5 tbsp of orange juice to turn a basic chiffon cake to orange chiffon cake. Guess what i did? Haha!! I put BOTH....5 tbsp of water + 5 tbsp of orange juice!!!!! down cool down...think and pray...i prayed hard that my chiffon cake will eventually turn out alright....i mean 5 tbsp big deal right? I hope.

So i checked the cake batter in the oven...ei...not bad wor...rose cracks...smooth...and so...the method in the recipe book said that after baking the cake at 150DC for 30 minutes i should increase the temperature to 180DC and continue baking until cooked. So after 30 minutes i increased the oven temperature to 180DC. While waiting, i placed my saggy butt on a chair and read newspaper. 5 minutes passed.....suddenly...i smelled something burnt! MY GOD!!!!!!

RUshed to the oven...found the top part of the cake burnt!!!! I quickly grabbed the heat proof gloves and took out the cake pan.....either the gloves are not working or i did not put on the gloves properly...because of my exaggerated reflex action (palms touched the surface of the freaking hot cake pan) I DROPPED THE HALF COOKED CAKE ON THE FLOOR!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!

As best as i could, i used my impromptu kung fu act to 'save' the cake pan and *crack*.....ouch! I twisted my poor back. I tell u, even neighbors living a few doors away could hear my soprano voice! I screamed like hell and my mom was like What Happened What Happened??!??!

I sat a robot...couldn't move. Tears were welling up my eyes....i was excruciating in pain!!!! Mom quickly applied Counter Pain ointment to my back and i sat down in the kitchen for 20 minutes before i can move freely again.

Needless to say, my first attempt to bake chiffon cake was a disaster!!!! EVen today, in office, i had to stick on 3 patches of Salon Pas to my poor back.



Jen's Place said...

OUCH!!!! I read oso feel pain! Take care!!!

I heard chiffon cake is very temperamental n pretty hard to be perfected (maybe tats y it dropped due to the temper of the cake? oops, i am talking nonsense). Never, try again!!!

dumb-baker said...

Hi Jen,

Aiya i'm have great determination when it comes to baking...i'll never give up even if i've failed (only baking)....but if i fail something else (ie, work in office)..hehe...i think i will give up almost immediately...keke..very lazy bum bum

Health Freak Mommy said...

Muahahaha.... that's really funny. Nvm, try again and hopefully it will be successful the next time round.

dumb-baker said...

Hi Shireen,

Appreciate your words of encouragement!

Jessie said...

aiyo poor gal!!!

u better takecare...
must practice your baking kung fu more i guess.. kekekek

anyway, sory ya.. i tot u doin freelance on sat afternoon ma.. so, i went find lilin... if i know u r free, definitely we will go n crash your house...

anyway,... no way i will ffk next sat... cya ! ask kp to join also la!

Gary Wong said...

Better take good care of yourself ar. Aiyo. Still young wo. Keke..

As for the bakery part, never give up. And never shall it be. Supporting here.

dumb-baker said...

Jessie girl....hehe...just joking only la...ya i was working in office in the morning and worked freelance in the noon...came home only about 7pm...then go pak toh liao..but and me will join u guys on this coming sat night ya!

POtato Gary..kekekke....just kidding...yay! thanks for your support! not young liao lor...i'm reaching the age whereby my body system will start to deteriorate slowly...kekekek