Monday, May 5, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

It never comes across my mind that I would sign up for a paid post. This is because initially I take blogging as leisure, for I knew I will only blog if I can afford the time. However, as time goes by, I find myself addicted to blogging! I found myself uploading new post every other day.

My cousin, SueSue-The CookingMomster, who encouraged me to start my own blog, advised me to sign up for paid post. Hence, I went to her blog page and saw the PPP (PayPerPost), a blog network advertisement. Without much hesitation, I clicked on the ad to check out further information regarding PPP. As I read on about PPP, I became more interested. Think about this, you blog about something and PPP reward you for the post! How cool is that!

I also understand that you may even earn up to USD500 a month by writing a sponsored post. So tell me, how on earth one is not tempted to sign up for PPP and enjoy a lavish extra income to support your shopping splurge! Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the publicity of your humble blog page just by becoming an advertiser!

Wait no more and sign up for PPP right away! Trust me, no regrets! For further information, click the following link. Opportunities are always there waiting for you to grab!

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