Friday, May 16, 2008

A Moment of Silence

Just when you thought that the whole world is collapsing on you, or everyone around you seems to be treating you unfairly….take a moment of silence and imagine living the life of Elizabeth Fritzl.

The case of Elizabeth, an abused victim by the man she trusted, was highlighted in late April 2008. She has been living in a dungeon dug by her evil dad for 24 years…minus sunlight. She was practically facing walls for 24 years. Ceiling built no higher than 5’6, Elizabeth and her three other children (whom her own father fathered all of them) had cramped themselves in the dungeon which is poorly air ventilated. Limited mobility, limited space for stretching, limited air, no outside world exposure, no communication, etc…such life has taken a great toll on Elizabeth and her children’s health.

Weak bones, badly decayed teeth, weak muscles, pale skin, poor vision…

Few days ago, I was feeling low. Depressed. This carried on for a few days until today, when I stumble across an article online describing Elizabeth’s life for the past 24 years.

I cried as I learnt the life of Elizabeth for the past 24 years. In a split second, deep in my mind, I knew I am extremely lucky and should be grateful that I have a set of parents who showers me with endless love. I can confide my problems to them, I can seek their advice and help, I can put my 100% trust on them.

But life was hell for Elizabeth. She had no one to confide, she can no longer trust people. All she can do was to obey her evil dad’s command (be it rape or threat) in order to live. If it wasn’t for the love she has for her children, I believe (this is strictly my own opinion), she would have ended her life.

At any moment you feel that your life sucks, put yourself in Elizabeth’s situation. You will eventually learn that life is actually beautiful.


Jessie said...

Hi babe..

yep.. i felt sooooo bad for..

that bastard...he said he's not a monster..

i think he is WORSE than monster..

and she suffered so much.. imagine.. all her 24 years crushed...she used to look so pretty and vibrant..

yes, let us be grateful for our fortunate life... and also... let us pray for her

Jessie said...

hi babe,

I asked gary and he said they restocked the bag..

will be arriving next week...
try to eye on that bag nx wk ya..


dumb-baker said...

Hi my dear girl,

Thanks for enquiring for me...i shall check out the website tomolo..anyway, it was very nice to meet up with u and baby candle again...looks like we r growing old long long time no c...kekek