Friday, March 28, 2008

Healthy Drink

The other day i saw this Health Drink post in my cousin's blog page. She actually made this Enzyme drink by slicing the fresh fruits thinly and stack them up in a glass container. The fruits are finally topped with chunks of palm sugar before sealing the container tightly and have it stored in a cool dry place. This container of fruits will be fermented for about 2 weeks before consumed. I am not really sure if you drink the concentrated enzyme drink itself or have it diluted with water as i have yet to experiment the recipe itself. This enzyme drink, if you do google about it, is somewhat a natural healing therapy for our body systems. It helps us to expel the toxic in our body and generally improves our digestive system. The Enzyme drink is also available in the leading pharmacies.

Taste wise, some people claim that it's yummy while some claim that it's sour. One of my close friend commented that she will not even try to taste it as she's afraid of being intoxicated!! (since it's fermented). I personally have not tried the drink. However, I'm bold enough to give this enzyme drink a try and i shall update the enzyme drink post soon.

For the time being, do visit here, here and here for more info. Cheers~!

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