Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have a Dream....

No. I'm not Martin Luther King.

My laptop shows 5.30pm, 15 minutes later i can start counting the OT payment. *Smack* Wake up..stop dreaming and stop the bull**** about OT k..

IKO oatmeal cookies. Ah....this is my dream

Trespasses my brain and glue itself there, my god....why must it happen today after my binge eating on cookies last night?

Oh boy! I'm going to get myself IKO cookies after work tonight. Yes...it's final and i'm getting the cookies. Cheap. Healthy. Yummy. My other half will probably start the grandma's nagging about me taking too much junkies if he finds out i'm not taking proper meals...bb, if u r reading this, i'll cease eating junk foods for a month if you do the cooking for Sunday's dinner for a month. Good deal?

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