Friday, March 14, 2008

This is for you Bro!

I'm one lucky shortie gal who's blessed with a humorous little bro. He's the one who can make you feel top of the world when you thought your world is falling apart, yet, he can be a pain in the ass at times to you....
Scene #1
me : Oi babi, get up now. Made you breakfast already...after breakfast let's go kai kai
bro : mmmmm
[after 30 minutes.....]
me : Oi!!!!!! It's almost 1 pm already...get ur ass up now!
bro : mmmm
me : Faster la.....i'm all prepared liao...i want to buy something at XXX mall later...
bro : go urself la...tired la
me : what??? i thought we agreed to go shopping later
bro : yala...but i want to go urself la

Scene #2
bro : oi, i want to watch football match oledi...pergi bela...[trying to snatch away the remote control]
bro : faster go away's starting soon oledi...[pulling me up from the couch]
me : aiya wait's going to end soon liao [sat back at the couch]
bro : now you go or not? if u r not moving now you'll regret...dun say i didn't warn you beforehand
me : [silent and remained glued to the couch and holding tightly to the remote control]
..........*bro stood with his butt right in front of my face*....
me : oi....move aside
[still standing in front of me.....suddenly *loud fart*]
me : !@#$$%%#$%&^ kanasai you [quickly ran away]
bro : haha...told you so that you'll regret!

My bro and I are 2 years apart.
WHen we were young, we used to fight a lot...but within 10 minutes, we are one happy bro sis again. My bro was one of the typical mischievous kid when he was young. He played with lighter when no adult is around and it didn't stop there. He was just too keen to know what could a lighter do and he practically carried out the 'test' on the big furry dolls at home. Suddenly he came running to me, "Je! Je! Look...the fur is black black now "(pointing at the burnt part of the doll)....."WHAT DID YOU DO???" "i play fire and burn it accidentally...looks like toast bread hor"
Then came the early teenage years....he was one fatty boom boom and he always 'sapu' all my unfinished food and still craving for more after that....but when he turned 16, i guess he was feeling self conscious....he practically just stop taking supper, had a bowl of rice instead of 3 for dinner, constantly craving for veges instead of fried chicken [yes...he was one of the KFC's maniac].....and suddenly he became just too skinny! People were shocked, his teachers were shocked...everyone were shocked!
and he proudly pulled me aside and told me this "see, people calling me handsome boy now instead of fatty....but are still the shortie...HAHAHA!"
Stepping into college life, he became so vain that he will just buzz your ears like 'lalat' with questions like "hey je, how's my hair?" " hey je, my face hor, the pimple very obvious ar?" "Oi babi, take picture at proper angle la....must focus on my less-pimple-appearance face ma" "hey je, do i look fat in this attire?"
I must admit, he became a total transformed man. He's now much more matured, polite, totally not hot tempered anymore, always making sure the people around him are in good condition and most importantly, he showers me with a lot of care and concern and practically taking me as his little sis instead of elder sis.
He's one guy that i can never live without and he's one guy i'll always love forever.
Take good care 'fei chai' are the best bro ever!

Me & my bro ;>


MingKAI said...

yeah..i also shocked when i didnt see him after long time..sigh..wish to become macho like him :(

suesue said...

Eh your bro is back to M'sia d meh?

dumb-baker said...

MK : He put in quite a lot of effort to build the 'ka yau'!!

Sue Sue : NOla...still in US...he will not be coming back this year as we are planning to visit him end of the year

Anonymous said...

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dumb-baker said...

bb, thanks for being my greatest fan ever! muacks! i will try my best to improve my cooking skills and prepare much better meals for you in near future. Thanks for being such a patient 'white mouse' for me also...hehehe...muacks muacks!