Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sausage Buns

Fellow friends and visitors, guess you guys know that i'm a bread and cookies maniac. And so, if i'm such a great fan of starch, how could i miss the fun of baking breads and buns rite?? Of all buns, sausage buns remain at the top of my list. Whenever i visit the bakery, the first thing i look for is sausage buns. I like it when the buns are ultimately soft...unlike some of the burger buns which are dry and crumbly (well not all, but most of the burger buns i've eaten are dry in texture).

So, i googled my favorite sites for an ultimate soft bun recipe and this is what i found. Ooo lala....after reading all the comments from the visitors, i can't wait to try out the recipe. This recipe yields me wonderfully soft buns and it's really delicious. The buns remained soft even until the next morning....! Another plus sign for me to bake buns is that i owned a breadmaker machine....i don't hafta go thru the tedious job of kneading and proofing and kneading again....just dump everything in the breadmaker..turn on the switch and wait for 1.5 hrs to shape the buns in your own preferred way...now, is there any reason that will withhold me from baking buns? DEFINITELY NOPE :P

Ladies & Gentlemen : Let me present you the Ultimate Soft Gigantic Sausage Buns


u~hee said...

Wow ... you are amazing, never knew you got such talents. Can i order some of the Hotdog buns is my favourite.

dumb-baker said...

u_hee : *shy* sure or not? wait till i have come to a perfect hotdog bun recipe, then i'll give you the share :) Heard that your sis also loves baking? One day i gotta Keh POh Chi a bit and share some recipes with her! Hehehe