Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nescafe Anyone?

I bought a new version of premix Nescafe (Nescafe Gold) recently, it claims to have richer aroma and better taste. I had a second thought of buying it as it cost more expensive than the regular 3-in-1 nescafe. But since it claims to have richer aroma, heck, just buy it and try.
Immediately after settling down my things in the office one morning, i made the new sachet of nescafe in no time. First sip, eei, why no taste 1? Okay maybe i didn't stir well enuf [stir stir stir....] Second sip, hmm, why still no taste 1? I added only half cup of hot water to a sachet of the premix coffee, shud be flavorful ma!
I downed the coffee in 5 minutes and made myself a new cup of coffee...this time i made the regular type of Nescafe 3-in-1. Boy oh this tasted much much much much much better. This is the coffee that will make my day....everyday without fail i will drink at least 2 cups of coffee to maintain my sanity [work is killing me at times]. If i'm feeling gloomy, an extra teaspoon of nescafe granules to the premix nescafe will lit up my face too!
I always get this comment that i'm downing too much coffee and it will adversely affect my health or it will irregulate my rest hours if i drink coffee at night because of it's caffeine....but somehow, i find that it is not irregulating my sleeping hours even if i have a cup of coffee at 12 midnight.
For me, if i'm tired, i can sleep at any time, with or without caffeine. As for health wise, yes, once i visited a doctor, and he said women shudn't consume more than 2 cups of coffee per day but only if u r planning to conceive a baby soon.
As for now, i'm not married and not planning to have baby soon, an additional cup of coffee for my day wouldn't do any harm rite?

Has anyone tried this?

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