Monday, March 17, 2008

Sui Kow & Kow Zi

My other half is an ardent fan of soup based 'sui kow'. Each time we go out for 'wantan' noodle meal, he never fails to ask me this :

bb : Gg, you want sui kow?
me: Dun wan la.
bb : oklor (sounded disappointed...but....)
[waiter came to our table to take our order]
bb : 2 plates of wantan noodle and 1 big bowl of sui kow

despite me not eating the sui kow with him, he will still continue order a bowl of it.

So, on Friday night, i texted him this :
Don't eat breakfast alone tomorrow. I'm gonna stuff you mouth with food i'll be making tomorrow morning.

Haha...i'm one abusive girlfriend on earth.

So, woke up as early as 630 in the morning and begin my mouth-stuffing-food project.
For Sui Kow:

I had the minced pork marinated overnight with sesame oil, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and dashes of black pepper. I'm sorry i can't list down the precise measurements of ingredients as i've prepared everything in other words...agak agak version :P Next, shelled the shrimps, seasoned them and rinse them under running water...this method will actually yield a 'springy' shrimp! I've also cut some black fungus into thin strips and add them to the pork mixture before making the sui kow. To assemble, firstly, take a piece of sui kow wrapper (similar to wantan wrapper but in circular shape), lay a piece of shrimp and top with the pork and black fungus mixture. To seal the sui kow, dabbed the corner of the wrapper with water and seal it. I've made a pot of anchovies soup and added some 'tung choy' (salty preserved vege) to compliment the soup's taste. Dump the nicely wrapped sui kows into the pot of boiling soup. The sui kows are ready when they float onto the surface of the soup. Serve the sui kows hot and compliment with some cut cili padi......oooo syiok!

For the kow zi, i've adapted the ingredients and methods for the skin here. For the fillings, I had 1 jicama/sengkuang/chinese turnip and 1 carrot shredded thingly. I've also sliced 3 presoaked mushrooms thinly. Lightly oil your in a pot/wok over medium fire and stir fry the fillings until semi soft. Add in dark soy sauce, soy sauce, some salt and pepper and some sugar to the fillings and continue stir-frying for a minute or two. Again, the seasonings i've added to the fillings are all estimation. You may adjust the seasonings according to your taste bud. To assemble the kow zi, take a piece of prepared skin for the kow zi, put the fillings and wrap the kow zi in your own preferred shape. Remember not to overload the skin with fillings or have the edges of the skin came in contact with the liquid from the fillings....otherwise you'll have a hard time sealing the kow zi or worst still, you may end up 'patching' the holes of the skin..hahaha! Finally, arrange them in a tray and steam over boiling water for 15 minutes or until the skin is translucent. Serve hot!

Here's my version of sui kow and kow zi....TADAAAAAA......enjoy!

Kow Zi

Sui Kow in anchovies soup with some green vegetables

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