Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Low Fat Brownies

I used to not like chocolate, not hate but i just don't favour them. However, sudden change of wind! I am not sure which vein / blood vessel / hormone of mine made me had the sudden urge and crave for chocolates. It was so bad that i had to 'sneak' some time from office hours and google for the best brownies. I just had to bake and sink my teeth into the brownies that night! Phew! My mom was nagging me "Why don't you take your dinner first before you start your baking project?" "No ma, i just want brownies right now...(talking while munching a bar of Snickers)"

OKay, enough of my nonsense. I was lucky that i found this low fat brownie recipe. Yes you heard me ladies.....LOW FAT.....i had a moment of hesitation when i stumble across this recipe..Low fat brownie? Will it taste as good as ordinary brownies? Nevertheless, i gave it a shot and boy! GOd must have answered my prayer! It was so delicious that you will start chomping on of all, you won't have to worry sick about the calories consumed later! Ngek ladies at home, give this recipe a try and gentlemen, try to persuade or convince your other half to bake this lickalicious chocolatey brownie for me you'll love it.

Here's the recipe. Enjoy!

Brownies baking in the oven

....End product...

*Note: I actually increased the amount of cocoa powder and decreased the amount of sugar. I personally favor bitter sweet type of chocolate snacks instead of just plain sweet chocolates. I also omitted the frosting.

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