Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bomb Bread

Rilek rilek! You will not explode into pieces if you eat this bread....just a name to suit the shape of the bread i made. Looks like a stupid-dumb-dumb bread..

Most of you have heard about the popular Hokkaido Bread....some people claimed that it taste almost similar to the Gion bread sold by Jusco. Whatever it is, there's no doubt that every bakers who made this particular Hokkaido Bread were impressed by how soft and yummy the bread is.

Found this noble baker's website for the Hokkaido Bread recipe....i halved the ingredients called for this bread as i'll be baking it using the bread machine (getting lazier to knead and proof and knead and proof and...bla bla bla). After 3.25 hrs of anxious waiting, i quickly 'released' the bread from the loaf pan and left it under the fan at vigorous speed to cool it down.

First bite: WHoa!!! 'CHeng' soft...really soft....the oh my gawd soft!! and very yummy....(though i find it not very similar to Gion Bread as claimed by some people). The bread stayed soft and yummy even the next 2 days! Seriously No joke!!!

light & soooooooooooooft

Shape wise.....hmmm i have myself to be blamed...should have worked out the 'bye bye' flesh on my arms by kneading the dough instead depending solely on my breadmachine and rested my saggy butt on a chair for 3.25 hours....nevertheless....i still give THUMBS UP for the Hokkaido Bread recipe shared by Angie.

*i think i live up to my domain's name...dumb-baker...dun believe? just look at the shape of my bread.....*faints*

dumbo's bomb bread......hehe!


Jessie said...


love ur blog... it's all about foooooooooooood!


dumb-baker said...

Jessie: Ooooo yes gurl! Food makes everyone food no joy!!!