Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a Thought

When you were a toddler, you were adored by many people
When you were a kid, you made fuss that people wished you were just thrown away from the community
When you were a teenager, people started the 'betting game' that you will turn out to be rotten person
When you enter college, people were startled at the course you studied (but still strong on their bet that you will be a trash to the society)
When you graduated with an honorable degree, people still think you were probably a lucky chap or maybe you cheated you way out of school
When you entered the corporate world, people don't give a damn about the effort you put in your work and will only justify you by the results you are able to deliver at the end of the day
When it comes to appraisal, salary adjustment or even promotion period, you received nothing bombastic but only peanuts were shown in your bank account
When you were defeated in a hard way, you became the 'rotten person'
When you became rotten, people cheers happily and loudly "TOLD YOU SO! HE/SHE IS HOPELESS!"

So tell me, who can you blame when the statistic of crimes around you grew alarmingly?

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