Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easy Puffs on Lazy Day

Last night, it hits me again. This time, it isn’t cookies or breads anymore. It’s puffs. Too bad it was raining heavily last night that I struggled a lot to drive safely back home…ah…not forgetting that my car was almost banged by a 4WD (shitty traffic lights). So, going out from my home sweet home to buy puffs is the last thing I want to do since my vision at night is not good.
I ransacked my cupboard….looked up at the clock…damn…it’s already 8pm…I don’t want to make a puff from scratch as I know it will takes me forever just to knead and get the shape right…plus I’m getting sleepy. But without satisfying my sudden crazy crave, i will not be able to sleep peacefully. SO….checked out the freezer…hehe…guess what I found? FROZEN ROTI PRATHA!!!!!
Epi EPi EPi!!! Immediately I took out two sheets of ROTI Pratha, a packet of frozen mixed veggies and a can of baked beans. I preheated my oven at 160DC, while waiting, I assemble my lazy puff. Hu HU HU!!!

What I did was:
  1. Thaw the Frozen ROTI Pratha for like 3-4 minutes. ( u might want to flour the surface of the counter where you thaw the roti pratha to avoid the roti from sticking to the counter…and get messy later)
  2. Cut the roti pratha into the portion/size you desire.
  3. Put an amount of mixed veggies and baked beans on a piece of roti pratha.
  4. Lay another piece of roti on top and seal the edges by pressing them lightly.
  5. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes or until the puff is golden brown in color.
    For a buttery taste, you may brush some melted butter on the puffs before baking them in oven.

For variations: you can substitute baked beans with sardines / Tuna / hard boiled eggs….basically anything you desire :>

result of being too greedy *grin*

This snack was super easy and yummy too. I had a piece of the puffs (felt guilty since I had taken dinner…gotta stop all my crap binge eating from now) and my dad finished off the rest of the 3 puffs. See how yummy it is…haha…ok who am I kidding now?
*Mumbles to myself: Hmm…where’s my bathroom scale…I GOTTA MUST MESTI “YAT TING” stop eating after dinner…sad case…my waistline is getting diet Ms Shortie!!!*

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