Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Are you a 'Famous Amos' or 'Mrs Field' cookie person? I'm both. How greedy. I devour the cookies by both of them very muchieeee. When i was studying in the States, i used to visit the mall and never missed buying Mrs Field cookies. I just can't resist them....these cookies not only had the aroma made you quicken your steps the cookie counter the moment you enter the mall, even just the sight at them at the display counter made you swallow you saliva countless of times. Same here in our city's famous Sg. Wang mall....my god! Just tell me, how can you just NOT detect the aroma of Famous Amos cookies baking in the oven?
It just strikes me again. My binge eating on cookies is back! Haha! I bought a packet a Hershey's Semisweet Chocolate Chip just to make these cookies. I used to get only the store brand chocolate chip...cuz usually i make them in bulks and i'll be burning a hole in my pocket if i were to purchase a few packets of good chocolate chips.
But this time, i decided to make these chocolate chip cookies in terms of quality, not quantity. I even bought a block of good butter...good butter as in pure good butter (eg. Lurpack / Anchor). I adapted this recipe of Mrs Field Chocolate Chip cookies from All Recipes.com.
*Note that recipe calls for rolled oats and powderised in a food processor / blender. Also, the recipe stated that i should bake the cookies for only 8-10 minutes, but i baked them for about 15-18 minutes as my family members are not used to consume 'soft' typed of cookies.*
I halved the amount of ingredients used in the recipe and it yields me 4 small containers (the size in which the shrimp rolls are packed during the CNY festival).
Verdict: It's really good (significance of using good chocolate chips and butter) and i will definitely make these batch of cookies again. My other half complimented that this is the best cookies i have baked so far and he just couldn't stop munching on them. The cookies are neither too soft nor too hard.

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