Monday, April 14, 2008

My first Ever Enzyme Drink Encounter

Enzyme Drink Preparation - Day 1

After the line dance class, my mom came home and the first sentence that popped out of her mouth was "Eh the enzyme drink is 'in' now ar? Just now those aunties invited me over to try...but i chicken out...nice ar?" Suddenly i remember...i made an enzyme drink two weeks ago!

I've mentioned in my first post on enzyme drink which helps to eliminate those toxins (& fats) in your body (yea...detox and take off those inches!!), i managed to make an enzyme drink and tasted it. I admit, even though i've said that i'll be bold enough to try out those 'fermented' drink (just imagine leaving fruits in room temperature for weeks and then u eat them..not forgetting the molds that grew around them....urggh!) i chicken out a bit...cuz i have no idea how it taste and the smell...will it emit the pungent odor similar to the reservoir in Indah Water or will it be pleasant after all?

Just to stay on the 'safe' side, i read my cousin's blog and made the drink similar to hers (since it's tested oledi ma!). You know, as i stacked up the fruits, my mind were bombarded with thoughts of having frequent visits to the toilet and watching those inches disappear just like that Pooof!~ Wah seh.....(giggling at the thoughts of revealing a much slender figure me in skimpy bikinis....oppps i veered)

SO after two weeks of fermentation, as soon as i uncapped the bottle, i stuck my nose at the opening of the bottle....guess smells weird.....i just dunno how to describe in words...sort of like strong acidic gassy odor? i dunno...just strong..not smelly...smelly is too harsh to describe.

My first sip : Urrrrr.....i just gotta be honest...IT DOES NOT TASTE GOOD AT ALL...NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ANY FRUIT JUICES.....IT TASTED LIKE BUAH BUSUK....wooh! but for the sake of detoxing my body, i had half cup of the diluted fermented juice extracted from the bottle and save the rest in the fridge.

I had the bowel urge 4 hours after my half cup of enzyme drink and prior to that, i expelled lotsa gasses and pee pee a lot too! The bowel urge was sorta like 'lau sai' minus the achy tummy.

I had my 2nd half cup of enzyme drink on the same day after dinner. This is it tasted much better....probably because it's chilled? 4 hours later...i had the bowel urge again! wah...i'm super happy! never in my life i have bowel movement twice a day (leaving out the diarrhoea moments)
As my cousin told me, the grape enzyme will probably taste much better...sumthing like grape wine (ooo...fingers crossed and i shall make one tonight). Stay tune for the next update on enzyme drink ;)

Enzyme Drink - Day 7


Anonymous said...

kawan... are you sure you have excess pounds to 'lau sai'..beware of dehydration..:)(fat snake)

dumb-baker said...

Fraser!! Surprised that you visited my blog page! Haha...was thinking hard who is this fella...signed off with FAT SNAKE :P. No worries la..just out of curiousity, wanna know the experience of consuming enzyme drink. If i get dehydration, i'll consult you! haha!