Thursday, April 10, 2008

The "Kentang" Salad

Tired of plain old scrambled eggs on your toasted bread? NO?'s just me then.

As a crazy fan of bread, i can eat my bread plain, or sandwich a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between for desserts, or make a super healthy vegetarian sandwich for lunch at work, or spread peanut butter and jam generously on the bread...just anything but cheese. I hate cheese. Full stop.

Yesterday, as usual, went to the mart and bought a loaf of bread. the fridge, instead of reaching for the butter and the coconut custard (a.k.a. kaya....yala...action a bit can or not?), i grabbed the Mayo, 2 eggs and a potato. Heh heh heh....cheeky me up for something again

So, after peeling the kentang's skin, i settled it in a pot of boiling water and let it boil until soft. Since i'm hungry, i cut the potato into quarts (speed up the soften process). Then, made hard boiled eggs (don't boil them too won't want super hard boil eggs in your yummy sandwich....well at least in my sandwich). Peel the hard boiled eggs and mash it together with the soften potatoes.

Add 3 tbsp Mayo to the mashed potato eggs if you have a stick thin body....or add 2.99 tbsp Mayo to the mashed potato eggs if you are not. Haha! Come's salad! How can you miss out the fun of Mayo??? Just for once, be generous on the Mayo :>

Finish the salad preparation with dashes of pepper and a lil salt....mix and spread them on the bread or have it just like that.

Now...get a bip and salivate over this....kekekke....kid you not!!!

My Generous Spread of Potato Salad on Toasted Bread Topped with Pork Floss ~ muaaaaah!

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