Thursday, April 17, 2008


This morning we had a group of VIPs (our soon boss to be) visited our company for a friendly meeting (more like makan meeting i think) with our current MD. And you know...the usual practice...come in and cheek smile with you and hellos and byes and bla bla...ok that's not what i want to highlight here...

I'm fusing abt this.

In my little department...3 of us, namely my department's manager, my lanky and super slim colleague and myself, were basically confined in this small room with blocks of files which can be piled up to the ceiling, pieces of papers slotted in between every books/files and totally not related to any of the them, some once-very-fuyoh-&-in-tech-machines which serve more like dust collectors rather than being utilized as they should and...well the list goes on.

So my company's CEO brought the VIPs in with a charcoal color face (the moment he opened the door and saw the mess in my department) and introduced us to the VIPs. My CEO set a firm and ferocious stare at my department's manager (let's refer him as BA from now on)....obviously very unhappy about how oblivious our department is for cleanliness. CEO was 'transmitting' the msg to BA via eyesight in which a toddler could easily understand as "HEY YOU AN NEH NEH...DUN TEST MY PATIENCE....CLEAN UP THE MESS IMMEDIATELY"

So right after CEO with the VIPs left our department, BA asked me "DId you know that we have visitors today?" I shrugged my shoulder and gave him a dumbo facial expression. BA continued "No one told us ha?! hmm...but still we shud have done the proper housekeeping" and there.....he instructed me and my colleague to start cleaning up the dusty mess....the room was filled with 'ahhhh choooos' and rotten rat odor...i am not sure if it's because we have lifted some old files which were packed and stacked tightly in a corner or BA's body odor....sheeesh...i swear to god everytime i am near to him...he has this funny odor in a bad way...

After the papers clean up, next would be the machines...just to name a few....they are scanners...old CPU...old keyboards....bla bla bla. I was already darn tired standing and squatting and standing and squatting.....with the 'mess' on my hand that weighs half of me....(yes it was that heavy k....just imagine buying a 20 kg rice and do the stand up and squat down exercise.)..and BA being B-A-(i'll leave to you guys to guess what does BA stands for) told me and my lanky colleague (a female) to move the giant boxes to the next room. I swear to god i was at the verge of popping my eyeballs out of the socket....the boxes measured like 1m x 1m x 1m....for those who are tall and strongly built...maybe you are able to move these boxes...but i'm bloody petite...standing at no more than 5'1 and weighing at no more than 40 am i going to move them??? oooh wait...these boxes are NOT EMPTY BOXES...these boxes are filled with PAPERS AND FILES and SEALED!!!!

I was standing there and i looked at BA with my goldfish eyes....i guess he read my mind...cuz he was saying this almost immediately after he instructed us to move the boxes "errr....maybe not...we'll get the store department's guys to help"....

I mean just what is this BRAINLESS ASSHOLE thinking!!.....oppps....i think i've said too much!

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