Friday, April 18, 2008


Yay! It's Friday!!! Eppi Eppi cuz i can Bakey Bakey tonighty!!!! Stay tune for my next post about my baked goods tonight...

Btw, i heard about this 'teka-teki' (puzzle) from FLy Fm yesterday...just want to share with all of you and to tickle your heart a bit bit la...hehehe...

1. Kucing apa yang berkaki Sembilan? (What type of cat that has 9 paws?)
- kucing yang berjalan kat kaki lima (the cat that walks in 'five foot way' (direct translation from BM...which literally means alley)

2. Apa yang kecil, putih dan mempunyai kelajuan bagai kapal terbang jet? (What is small, white and has the speed of a flying jet plane?)
- nasi yang terlekat pada kapal terbang jet (the grain of rice that's glued to the Jet plane)

Hehe...hope y'all have a good weekend ahead!!

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